In advertising circles there is a story about chefs starting their own restaurants.

In the beginning the chef is in the kitchen cooking...passionate about creating great dishes that comes from the heart.

The restaurant becomes ‘the’ place and grows.

The chef moves out the kitchen ... employs other chefs and becomes the manager.

Later ...

The food lacks the original touch that made the difference, the passion is not the same, customers don’t see the owner much. The customers stop coming.

Restaurant closes, the chef goes back to the kitchen.

After spending many years as Creative Director & MD of my own Advertising / Design agencies, I went back to the kitchen

and loving it.

I take the order... I do the cooking

I will personally work on your business.

I will ensure that work is on time, beyond expectation, and at the agreed fee.

My dealings in all matters are transparent ...

In or out the kitchen?

My promise to clients

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