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In or out the kitchen?

In advertising circles there is a story about a chef starting his own restaurant.

The chef is in the kitchen cooking, passionate, paying attention to detail, and creating the magic that clients start to notice and appreciate.

The restaurant becomes popular and the chef hires more chefs and staff,  and spends his time in the back office running the business.

The food’s not the same; the attitude and the passion is not as it used to be.

Clients don’t see the owner much.

Customers notice and they stop coming.

The restaurant closes, and the chef goes back to the kitchen.

After spending many years as Creative Director and MD of various Advertising/Design agencies, I went back to the kitchen... and I'm loving it.

I take the order. I do the cooking.

Some Client Stories

Pepsico Pioneer Foods Corporate

Pepsico & Pioneer Foods branding combined for the South African market.

Development fund founded by Pepsico


Linda has started her own gin brand. She had a story... we just had to find it.

'My Grandmother's Tree' is the story behind the brand. It is unique, emotional and the truth. The story has been woven into the label design corporate ID, and web page. The story has a strong base to build a brand.



'A buffalo thorn (uMphafa in isiXhosa) grew on my grandmother’s plot in iDutywa (Eastern Cape)

out of nowhere'.


She had planned to build her house on this land but passed away before building could commence.

The tree symbolizes her and our everyday life. The twigs zigzag as in life, which is not

always straightforward.


The thorns point in different directions. Backward, where we came from, and forward, where

we are going to.

The bark of the tree is known to bring good luck, and that’s for you.



Corporate ID design

Quoin Group

New branding and brand architecture developed and designed for the group.

Product & services branding and design





Mailing & Newsletter banner

Stratum Benefits



Stratum Benefits | Summit Agencies | SAHS | Pepsico Pioneer Foods | Lahamano | Quion Group | MLC

Client Comments

'Over all the years I’ve worked with Gian, he has always been someone who you could explicitly rely on to see the issue clearly, come up with a strong idea, and execute it well, while sticking to the deadline without complaint. Gian’s old school style of integrity and professionalism

mean that dealing with GFD is always a pleasure.'


Martin Neethling – Pepsico Pioneer Foods.


Gian has helped us immensely over the years with our advertising marketing and positioning. He has many talents and immense experience, and a range of skills seldom found in one person’.


Ian Scott - MD BDO Cape

I knew exactly what I would be getting and exactly how much it would cost me, all before any work started. Gian was also exceptionally good at converting my rambling, convoluted ideas, vision and instructions into a crisp, fresh logo and image.


James Robertson - MD Summit

My promise to Clients

I will personally work on your business.

I will ensure that work is on time, beyond expectation, and at the agreed fee.

My dealings in all matters are transparent.

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Thought, Insight, Creativity.